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“A bottle that is shorter and rounder than other Blossa products. The shape of the bottle is kept from year to year, with the colours and typography changing to reflect that particular year’s design and flavour.”

Designed by BVD.

Fonts used: hand lettering, Futura Black, and Gill Sans Shadowed. See also: Frieze.

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Interesting collage photography work by Gemma Comas.

via: Gemma Comas

About the Ads

Agency: BBBDO, Santiago
Executive Creative Director: Joaquin Bascuñan, Fernando Riveros
Creative Director: Emerson Navarrete
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete, Silvio Vildosola, Sebastian Caceres
Copywriter: Christian Alvarado, Rodrigo Cid, Andres Jamasmie
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca

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  • Wow… so touching ads… from Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, China.

    Dun leave me – Campaign. Unicef.

    Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, China
    Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Lee
    Creative Directors: Kevin Lee, Ng Fan
    Art Directors: Kevin Lee, Haibo Huang, Phoebe Liao, Stephen Zhong/Robin Wu
    Copywriters: Adams Fan, Derek Huang, Raymond Yung, Andrew Lok
    Artists: Haohui Zhou, Bin Liu
    Designers: Spring Zhu, Chaowen Wu, Jinghua Pan
    Print Producer: Ling Gu

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  • Wonderful beer ads by JWT, England.

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