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Category: Fashion

Fashion: The Botanical Bird at Etsy

The Botanical Bird

Garden Themed Jewelry

Botanical Bird is a gardener and artist living in Portland, Oregon, currently running a seasonal gardening business as well as having the jewelry business on Etsy. The Botanical Bird’s favorite materials includes antique beads, vintage beads, gemstones, aged brass, silver, copper, chains, charms and more. Here are some of the showcase of The Botanical Bird’s Jewelry.

Moon Shell Owl Necklace
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Fashion: Footloose & High and low heel

The Virtual Shoe Museum was initiated by Liza Snook in 2004. Once the idea was born, a long search began for designers, photographers and publishers connected to shoes. New friendships developed and our mailbox filled with loads of material on fantastic shoes, art and design on shoes.

Women shoes is ranging from ballerina ∗ boot ∗ brogue ∗ clog ∗ extreme ∗ flip-flop ∗ high heels ∗ mule ∗ platform ∗ pump ∗ sandal ∗ slipper ∗ sneaker ∗ stiletto ∗. Now people came out with adjustable high heels.

Footloose ~by Marte den Hollander

The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! Here you go with the adjustable high heels.

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