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1. Valentine Trees with Heart-Shaped Leaves

Holiday retro background. Valentine trees with heart-shaped leaves. Vector. Fully editable, vector objects separated and grouped, gradient mesh used.

2. Vector set. Valentine’s Design Elements

Vector set. Valentine’s Design Elements. Elements For Page Decoration

3. Tattoo Heart

Vector drawing of a tattoo style heart with ribbon.

4. Valentines Day Set Emblems and Decorative Elements

Valentine`s day set – labels, emblems and other decorative elements. This is 100% vector Valentine`s day collection.

5. Coat of arms

heart, love, valentine, heraldic, heraldry, arms, coat, ancient, animal, banner, crown, floral, frame, glossy, gold, illustration, imperial, insignia, object, old, pattern, retro, symbol, vintage, royal, predator, emblem, black, griffin, gryphon, lion, ribbon, vector, romantic, background

6. Victorian frame

Vector illustration – Frame in the Victorian style, with roses and butterflies

7. Valentines Day Abstract Backgrounds

3 Valentine`s day backgrounds with paper hearts. This is 100% vector illustrations.

8. Flower Heart

abstract, art, beautiful, beauty, black, blue, bouquet, card, decor, decoration, floral, flower, green, heart, holiday, icon, illustration, image, love, modern, nature, object, orange, ornament, pattern, pink, plant, red, romance, shape, single, spring, style, summer, symbol, valentine, vector, wallpaper

9. Heart

Hand Drawn heart shape

10. Valentine’s Day Rose Heart Card Set

Valentine’s Day design set for poster, greeting card, flyer or what you need.

11. Colorful Hearts With Triangle Pattern, Vector

Colorful hearts with geometric triangle pattern, vector set.

12. Love

Heart collected from small hearts. The vector illustration

13. Heart Field

Heart flowers on pink background.

14. Red Heart

Romantic vector background with red flowers and heart.

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  • 1. NUVO – Restaurant, Cafe & Bistro WordPress Theme

    NUVO is an elegant, modern, functional and easy-to-use responsive parallax wordpress theme that has been purposely built for the restaurant, cafe and bistro industry. The theme allows you to choose between the different demos we have created for each type of food establishment or create your very own style to match your restaurant, cafe or bistro business.

    2. ROSA – An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

    ROSA is an enchanting and easy-to-use parallax Restaurant WordPress theme that allows you to tell your story in a dynamic, narrative and enjoyable way, making it perfect for restaurants, bakeries, bars or coffee shops.

    3. LemonChili – a Premium Restaurant WordPress Theme

    LemonChili is easy to use, even for users with no coding knowledge. If you’re a professional designer and you are putting together a site for a restaurant, this is something that you should take a look at, as well. The simplicity of use and the special features make this theme so easy to get set up and running.

    4. Pluto Fullscreen Cafe and Restaurant

    Pluto is the WordPress theme for Cafe and Restaurant built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type, Skins & Colors, Extensive admin panel etc.

    5. Capella Parallax Cafe and Restaurant Theme

    Capella comes in Clean, Modern Design can be used for any restaurant, pub&bar, bakery and food related websites and it’s Responsive Design which adapts to mobile devices (iPhone, iPad).

    6. Feast – Facebook Fanpage & WordPress theme

    Feast is a intelligent theme with unique features. It’s easy to use, easy to customize and most importantly – it ads functionality not to be found in any other WordPress theme.

    7. Grill Parallax Restaurant & Events

    Grill is a Restaurant theme designed in the parallax pattern. This theme is perfect for Restaurants, Grills, Cafe’s, Bistro’s, Night Clubs and everyone in the entertainment industry.

    8. Elegantia – Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Theme

    Elegantia is a premium WordPress theme for Restaurants & Cafes. It has many features that are required in a restaurant business. For example. Reservation, Food Menus, Events, Gallery, Team Members, Contact, Impressive Homepage with fullwidth slider and services information.

    9. The Flavour – Restaurant WordPress Theme

    Meet The Flavour, a restaurant WordPress Theme with a classy and modern design that will definitely stand out and provide a touch of class to your web presence.

    10. Coffee Shop – Responsive WP Theme For Restaurant

    Coffee Shop is a premium responsive WP template for Cafes and Bistros website. After purchasing this theme, you will receive the WordPress version as well as 5 PSD files. They are all layered and well organized in folder for easier use.

    Time flies. Here you go we are reaching 2015 soon in about 2 weeks. You are planning for a party, or having a countdown carnival this new year, you need a poster or flyer. Here’s a great collections of it.

    Here’s a compilation of high quality, premium resources that you might need for your artwork.

    1. New Flyer 2015 Party

    2. New Year Party Flyer

    3. 2015 NYE Party Flyer Template

    4. 2015 Party Poster

    5. 2015 nye flyer

    6. 2015 New Year Party Poster

    7. 2015 Year Doodles Backgrounds

    8. New Year 2015 Happy

    9. 2015 New Year Flyer Template

    10. 2015 New Year Bash Flyer Template

    11. 2015 New Year Flyer

    12. 2015 NYE Flyer Template

    13. 2015 NYE Flyer Bundle

    14. 2015 NYE Party Flyer

    15. 2015 NYE Flyer

    16. New Party 2015

    17. Carnival 2015 Flyer Template

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  • I’m back in providing you a comprehensive compilation of 10 premium Christmas Icons that you might need for your next projects.

    1. Colorful Cute Christmas Icons

    2. White Outline Christmas Icons

    3. Simple and Colorful Icons for Christmas and New Year

    4. 100 Christmas Vector Icons – Black outline

    5. Realistic 3D Christmas Icon
    christmas icons set preview

    6. Christmas holiday decoration flat line icons set

    7. Retro Christmas Icon

    8. More Retro Christmas Icon

    9. Flat Style Christmas Icon with Long Shadow

    10. Christmas Icon Sticker Style

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  • 24 Amazing Creative Clocks

    Clocks are really amazing evolutionary products transforming from the ancient time till now. Here’s a great collections of clocks ranging from table clocks, wall clocks, alarm clocks, and some of the unexpected clocks. The best thing is you can buy straight away from this site, Fancy

    Karlsson Table Clock Book – $30

    Unique clock looks like realistic books when placed on a table or in a bookcase! Table clock looks just like real books in a bookcase.
    Buy Now

    Melting Clock – $15

    “Melted” clock with chrome trim. Perfectly balanced and rests off the edge of any flat surface.
    Buy Now

    5 O’Clock Wall Clock – $110

    This clock features only one numeral, which for many is the most important hour-5 o’clock, signaling the end of the workday. (Wish we got out that early). With a plastic face and case and quartz movement.
    Buy Now

    Wake-To-Light iPhone Alarm Clock – $130

    This is the alarm clock that gently awakens sleepers with music from a connected iPhone and progressively brighter light. Sleepers can rise to music from an iPhone or iPod that slowly increases in volume at either 30 or 10 minutes prior to the set wake up time in addition to the lamp’s light that brightens over the same interval; alternatively, music or light can be selected individually. Users can also wake to the lamp’s integrated FM radio (with 10 station presets) or the buzzer. Four forward-firing, 2-watt full-range speakers provide crisp treble response and two rear-firing bass reflex ports provide robust bass, optimized by five equalizer presets. Works with most iPhone and iPod models using the 32-pin connector and three included dock adapters; for playing music, its auxiliary port accepts other music devices, such as Nanos, Shuffles, or Android phones. With headphones port.
    Buy Now

    Eye Clock – $35

    The Googly Eye Clock is unlike any clock you’ve ever seen with your non-googly eyes. This clock uses little black discs instead of hands, arranging them so that the left disc is the hour and the right disc is the minute. Tell your guests your clock isn’t crosseyed! It’s just 3:45!
    Buy Now

    Slab Black Wood Alarm Clock by Gingko – $70

    Slab Black Wood Alarm Clock by Gingko…an innovative and eco-friendly wooden alarm clock that can light up your time, date and temperature at the click of your fingers.
    Buy Now

    Glowing Memo Alarm Clock – $19

    Thanks to its unique illuminated memo board, The Glowing Memo Alarm Clock is the foolproof way to remind yourself of something important first thing in the morning.

    Using one of the two included pens, write yourself a reminder about tomorrow’s meeting and wake up to it in a mesmerizing blue glow. Do you always forget to print your homework? Not anymore! Or even leave an “I Love You!” for that special someone in your life.
    Buy Now

    LED Teak Cube Alarm Clock – $34

    An innovative, stylish and functional wooden alarm clock that can light up with the time, date and temperature at the click of your fingers. This eco-friendly alarm clock looks like a plain block of wood, however… It can tell you the time, date and temperature alternately in red LED colour on a very natural looking block of wood, and then the display will automatically go off leaving a plain teak wood-effect box when it’s quiet. It will only light up again when the alarm is on, or by clicking your fingers, clapping your hands, or tapping on top as the clock is sound activated.
    Buy Now

    Bike Wheel Clock – $125

    A stylish and super cool bike wheel clock. A unique decoration at home, on the walls of an executive office or in a university halls; it is a true statement piece that everybody will love. The wheel is brushed aluminium finish with a bright chrome hub that reflects the spokes beautifully. This is a reconditioned and re-engineered bicycle wheel transformed into a wonderful wall clock which mounts directly to the wall through the centre of the wheel. It becomes the centre of attention in any room it is hung in.
    Buy Now

    Cube Mini LED Wooden Digital Alarm Clock – $40

    This minimalistic faux wooden alarm clock brings a natural aura to any space, yet possesses a distinctly modern edge. Alternately display time (15 seconds) and temperature (3 seconds) in solid display mode. It also works in voice mode. Make some noise nearby(clap your hands, rap on the table or pat the clock) and it wakes up.
    Buy Now

    Thumbs Up Frying Pan Wall Clock – $22

    Calling all egg lovers, this Thumbs Up Frying Pan Wall Clock is a great addtion to your kitchen wall. Please note, any attempt to use this as a real frying pan, would be an eggstremely bad idea.
    Buy Now

    Around Clock by Lexon – $35

    With it’s creative design, the Around Clock rotates around its base- a simple and unique method of telling time. Desinged by Anthony Dickens
    Buy Now

    iPhone Wall Clock – $115

    Make your iPhone larger than life with this app-inspired glass clock.
    Buy Now

    Hazy Clock by LEFF – $199

    Hazy is a minimalist clock designed by Ivan Kasner for LEFF. While designing Hazy35, Ivan was inspired by blurred images. These images create a sense of excitement, imagination and clarity within the illusion. The opaque face distorts the context and origin of the hands, allowing a dreamy and floating appearance.
    Buy Now

    Melting Wall Clock – $70

    Dali inspired “melting clock.”
    Buy Now

    Freakish Clock by Sabrina Fossi – $135

    Industrial designer Sabrina Fossi advocates that it is minute differences and details that distinguish objects. This approach enables sharp and innovative designs: her Freakish CLOCK is certainly an outstanding product.
    Buy Now

    Brick Flip Clock by LEFF – $499

    Brick is a minimalist clock designed by Erwin Termaat for LEFF. The ultimate heavy duty piece of our collection. A vintage flip clock, reinvented and redesigned, with a unique combination of materials and graphics. Inside the stainless steel case, a precise machine gives you a different composition of numbers every minute.
    Buy Now

    Vintage Camera Desk Clock – $63

    Amazing clock built inside a vintage camera case. The clock comes in three different styles and is made of iron and glass.
    Buy Now

    O’ Clock Wall Clock by Okum Made – $98

    O’ Clock Wall Clock by Okum Made is sculpted from beautiful solid hardwood. Hardwood takes decades to mature and the cavity of this clock face reveals the many years of growth. Hand finished in oil to enhance the rich grain of American Walnut.
    Buy Now

    Watch Me Clock by Normann Copenhagen – $65

    Watch Me by Danish brand, Normann Copenhagen, is a simplistic and figurative wall clock designed by Rasmus Gottliebsen. Its simplistic design makes Watch Me stand out as it brings timeless swathes of colour into your room.
    Buy Now

    Butterfly Wall Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi – $350

    A wave of spring all year round is lead by this wall clock by Italian Brand, Diamantini & Domeniconi, from which light butterflies take to flight. It is perfect touch of color and happiness to any space. Made in Italy
    Buy Now

    Sushi Wall Clock – $329

    What time is dinner? Half-past Salmon. This Sushi Wall Clock is great a conversation piece. It features high quality imitation sushi that looks realistic, not plastic and wooden chopsticks for hands.
    Buy Now

    RND Time Wall Clock by Progetti – $409

    RND Time wall clock by Italian brand, Progetti, consists of several small nylon cubes, which may be assembled randomly on the wall. This fun clock has battery quartz movement. Progetti is an Italian design company, that produces contemporary cuckoo clocks and wall clocks designed by a range of internationally-known designers.
    Buy Now

    A Slice of Time Wall Clock – $35

    An abstract take on the old classic, the grandfather clock. 3.5 x 17-inch wall mounted clock that only shows the nine and three hours on the face.
    Buy Now

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