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Advertising: We Match Any Color, Comex ~By RT&A

Interesting Advertisements

A very color inspired advertisements. How they can play with the cartoon character and the colors yet.. you can get the original feeling of the Cartoon Character.

A campaign intended for the mark of Comex painting and exploiting the famous colors of the characters of cartoons such as Garfield, Homer Simpsons, Pink Panther, or Schtroumpfs. A simple but effective work of agency RT&A and R.Treviñoau Mexique.

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We Match Any Color, Comex | Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

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The Best of March

Have you miss out any of them in March?

Time passes so fast in 2009. We have reach to the first quarter, it’s such an interesting Month in Fazai38’s Inspirational Blog. Here’s the round-up for what’s interesting.

Share with me.. What You want to see in April?

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