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Household: Domestic Violence – Golden Edition ~by Koncern Design Studio


Amazing series of household The Domestic Violence – Golden Edition by Koncern Design Studio was found in Design East Website. Collection “Domestic Violence – Golden Edition” consists of red wine glass and carafe, martini glass, cocktail glass, vase and lustre all made of gilded 24% lead crystal and a golden meat-chopper.


“Domestic Violence” is a phenomenon, which has not been spoken about much in public. However, due to its current publicity in the media, it presses more and more people to adopt an attitude. Koncern Design Studio is not trying to resolve the causes but deals with the consequences themselves. Collection Domestic Violence – Golden Edition is the abstract of the very act of domestic violence. If design is understood as leaving marks then domestic violence can also influence design.



Design by: About Koncern Design Studio
Website: Rückl Crystal
Via: Design East

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