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Household: Loopita & Mua ~By Victor Aleman

Loopty Loop Loopita

Loopita is made from a single piece of red oak, the Loopita is covered in high density foam for comfortable seating. The two opposing end points makes for a great floor level chaise. Add several Loopitas together to form interesting modular seating arrangements. Dynamic and striking… by yanko

You and Me, Sitting in a Tree, K I S S I N G. . . Mua

Mua was designed with lovers in mind. The organic shape invokes the idea of two people intertwined, embracing each other. Wicker wrapped steel on the outside, red for love in the inside. Mua dangles from a tree suspended for all voyeurs to see and at the perfect angle – looks like a giant heart shaped pendant. Implying love in a design can border the esoteric to the ridiculous but I think the Mua strikes the perfect balance. I just hope those red covers are washable… by yanko

via: Yanko Design

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