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Household: Recycle Glass

The recycled tranSglass pieces above were designed by Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje as part of Artecnica’s Design With Conscience program. I adore how the finish and colors are reminiscent of sea glass – but I’m a sucker for anything well-designed that maintains a beachy vibe.

The sleek, recycled glass carafe set above is the perfect bedside addition to a guest room. Plus, you get to buy it from the coolest website ever: ReForm School.

I love the oversized wobbliness of this recycled glass vase (above) from Sundance – it’s somehow goofy, awkward, and beautiful all at once.

These glass vases/carafes from Branch Home get the Green Star: not only are they made of recycled glass, they’re processed in an electric furnace powered by wind energy. Each one is made by hand, so no two are alike. I like the idea of clustering a few together – just like this image – on a fireplace mantel or sideboard.

Found in: Branch | Artecnica


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