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Top 10 High Quality Premium Magento Theme

This week, here I’m featuring the Magento Theme, The eCommerce software platform as it’s becoming more and more popular for it’s e-Commerce platform, features and architecture. The best thing about Magento is It’s totally FREE! It’s an open-source web application!

What you can do with Magento?
You can build an online store on any industry. You can build a Online Store for your Book Selling, Electornic, Gadgets, handmade crafts and more. Magento is your best e-commerce platform.

Here’s the list of hand-picked Magento Themes.

1. Wool Magento Theme

Wool Magento Theme
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The Electronic Store Magento Theme! Completely unique design that comes packed with features using the Magento platform.

2. VClady – Magento Theme

VClady – Magento Theme
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VCLady is a high quality Magento theme with administrative module, suitable for every type of store. It was designed with focus on user experience and usability, to make Magento shopping quick and easy.

3. Lifestyle Magento Theme

Lifestyle Magento Theme
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Lifestyle Magento theme with its clean and light look and feel is suitable for e-stores about wellness, sport, fitness, beauty, hobbies and holiday and any other lifestyle-related product and service.

4. Bookstore CD/DVD Magento Theme

Bookstore CD/DVD Magento Theme
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Designed with old-book style, this theme makes customers feeling they are visiting the real bookshop. The coverflow slideshow perfectly fits to show off your best-selling books and CD/DVD. This is definitely must-have Magento theme for Bookshop!

5. Wine Store Magento Theme – Gala Valezo

Wine Store Magento Theme - Gala Valezo
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The strong inspiration was started the vineyards that are sweet feeling and impressive . That’s why Gala Valezo – Wine Store Magento Theme was born. This theme has been very carefully cared by our professional designers. Maybe, because this topic is wine, so Gala Valezo – Wine Store Magento Theme uses beauty of the different yellow blocks. Therefore, the design of Gala Valezo has the luxury and classic elegance.

6. Flower Magento Theme – Gala Bouquets

Flower Magento Theme - Gala Bouquets
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Flower Magento Theme – Gala Bouquets has relatively light color and simple but it still create impressed by the prominence of the products on display. At home page, your guests can admire a lot of products because they are arranged in tabs. Besides, the products slider helps you save space and display are more products.

7. Lingerie Magento Theme – Gala Glamour

Lingerie Magento Theme - Gala Glamour
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Magento Theme Fashion Lingerie – Glamour Gala is designed for a very special topic. It is for lingerie products so color and page structure is quite unique and interesting. Glamour Gala has two primary colors on a black background, which is pink and purple. Both the two colors are feeling very sexy and attractive. Pink is very feminine and purple create more mystery. Glamour Gala was a harmonious combination of colors and impressive structure with a reasonable and friendly interface.

8. Furniture Magento Theme – Gala Decolux

Furniture Magento Theme - Gala Decolux
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Gala Decolux Magento template is used for furniture store as the main theme, individuality color and elegance is an indispensable factor. Our professional designs provided very tremendous. You will feel satisfied with the creativity and aesthetics of Gala Decolux – Furniture Magento Theme. The design of the Gala Decolux is entirely consistent with the other products by color and texture is very handy and specific.

9. Food & Drink Magento Theme – Gala Foodiris

Food & Drink Magento Theme - Gala Foodiris
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Food & Drink Magento Theme – Gala Foodiris as well as other Magento topics of our. Gala Foodiris Gala is supported the advanced features of Magento and our useful extensions. To help customers choose products easily and quickly, Gala Foodiris supports the feature: view product details on the light box.

10. Pets Magento Theme – Gala Kiki

Food & Drink Magento Theme - Gala Foodiris
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Gala Kiki, a Pets Store Magento Theme. When you see this unique Magento Theme, you will be attracted and loved it. With striking colors, the beautiful pictures and lovely pets, Gala Kiki is really incredible and charisma.

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  1. Anna Victoria Anna Victoria

    It is really a spectacular list I have ever seen.I would like to add one more Responsive & Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme: “Ad-Beaut”,which have amazing features like “Touch Friendly, Box/Wide Style for Theme, Ready-made Advertisement Blocks, 7+ Unique Header Style, Mega Menu & Many more”.

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