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20+ Excellent Advertisements

Advertisements is just Everywhere.

A collections of very recent posted Advertisement around the world. Advertisements posted in here includes various of industry, such as Automotive, Gadgets, Services, Electronics, Fashion, awareness and more. As from the list below, we can see that vintage color style is the trend for execution in Advertising line like how the blog design trend.

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Mio GPS Campaign

Tejido: Jeansland

SKY: F1 Monsters

Fedex Express

Motorola GPS

SOS Mata Atlântica: Skeleton

Alfa Romeo – Fetus – print, Singapore

Seat: Finger

Durex – Get It On

Medici Senza Frontiere: White Flag

Mattel Hot Wheels – Parquet, Tiles & Carpet – print, UK

Volkswagen: Skeleton

Colgate Junior: Swing, Hide and seek

Yamaha Yamalube: Heart

Eno: Gun

Volkswagen: Granny, Music, Childhood

Samsung : Washing Machine

Legambiente: Paper

Sprint – What’s Happening

Mtv Switch

Hansaplast Long Pleasure Condoms: Brunette, Blonde

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