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20 Truly Inspiring Health and Beauty Advertisements

Are you a health conscious person and beauty care person?

Looking at these advertisements, some of them are pretty straight forward, some are funny, some are just too clever. Mostly here do promote Yoga which is so popular in this generation. Do share your favourite or add your own in a link and comment on the ads.

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1. Absolute Yoga

2. Kinder Yoga


25 Inspiring Automotive Advertisements

After hitting a high click through from the previous post Alcoholic Advertisements, Mitsubishi Montero G2, now I’ve decided to publish a showcase of automotive advertisements mostly from Volkswagen, Skoda, Renault, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, BMW and more…

Some other ads that you find it more interesting?

Comments here to share with us.

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Advertising: We Match Any Color, Comex ~By RT&A

Interesting Advertisements

A very color inspired advertisements. How they can play with the cartoon character and the colors yet.. you can get the original feeling of the Cartoon Character.

A campaign intended for the mark of Comex painting and exploiting the famous colors of the characters of cartoons such as Garfield, Homer Simpsons, Pink Panther, or Schtroumpfs. A simple but effective work of agency RT&A and R.Treviñoau Mexique.

said in fubiz

We Match Any Color, Comex | Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

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20+ Excellent Advertisements

Advertisements is just Everywhere.

A collections of very recent posted Advertisement around the world. Advertisements posted in here includes various of industry, such as Automotive, Gadgets, Services, Electronics, Fashion, awareness and more. As from the list below, we can see that vintage color style is the trend for execution in Advertising line like how the blog design trend.

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Share with us.

If you think there’s a better advertisements out there, do share with me. Drop me comments.

Mio GPS Campaign

Tejido: Jeansland

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Light of Life Foundation: Prostate, Breast, Testicular

Nicely executed Advertisement

Previously in Fazai38’s inspirational Blog, We could anything one paper, By Otàvio Rios , Phone, Harmonica, Megaphone ~By Tobasco, Lego for Adults, By DDB, Hamburg, Germany.

“Thyroid cancer is growing 5 times faster than tasticular cancer. Ask your doctor to check your neck. It could save your life.”

Whats your tought?

I think the concept is so inspiring. Neck is the main source of inspiration. How great!!.