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Agency: JWT, Chile
Creative Directors: Matías Lecaros, Sergio Rosati
Art Director: Matías Lecaros
Copywriter: Matías Lecaros
Illustrators: Astro Image Creators, Cristian Gastelo, Boris Berstel
Photographers: Astro Image Creators, Cristian Gastelo, Boris Berstel

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Martini’s Advertisements using the elements of Feng shui.
In the arms of elements.

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Advertising Agency: Ars Thanea, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Peter Jaworowski
Other additional credits: Created in collaboration with XRS
Published: January 2008

Founded in: Ads of the World

Amazing puppet style of Mango Fashion Awards Advertisement found at Did You Hear That.

“Pull the strings”




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via: Did You Hear That
Website: Mango Fashion Awards

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    Finally, it comes to an ending of Olympic Beijing. Here’s the Olympic Beijing Closing Ceremony Photos from various of sources. Next, will see the next best thing in Olympic 2012 London.

    Sources: New York Times | Blukor08 | BBC Sports | Bitten Bound

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