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High speed Photography, being able to capture a moment in time that we, as humans, would otherwise be unable to see. The beautiful mixture of technical precision and artistic freedom.

The following are a collection of High Speed Photographs featuring the use of water or liquid. While you may have seen many collections featuring water, bullets, exploding fruit etc, I thought I would pay tribute and showcase some of the most stunning and beautiful liquid based High speed Photographs. via: Design Flavr

via: Design Flavr

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  • While I’m browsing around in Flickr today.. I was attracted with this person’s work…Flickr – Enrick Hoh… His macro shots is so beautiful.. take a look here….

    via: Flickr – Enrick Hoh

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  • Death Photography seems to be very popular among the photography community. Here’s one i think it’s very unique and i think it’s worth to share (Small Deaths)… check out the pictures below.. i bet you wanna see more of her work.. via: brookeshaden

    via: brookeshaden

    Macro Photography, the art of capturing close-up pictures. The below close-up picture of the water droplets will reveal the reflection, refraction, real beauty of it. Water droplets shots execution need the real skill to capture water droplets in milli-second.

    Here are the Exemplary Macro Photography Water Droplets Shots for inspiration and for pleasing your eyes. via: WebbyArts

    via: WebbyArts

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  • A collective of bokeh images; Out of focus light Blobs by flickr – ianton.

    via: flickr – ianton

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