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Top 20 Interesting Snow and Winter Photography 2009

During the year of 2009, I’ve covered few topics about photography. Few of the popular ones are the 50 Most Interesting Lomography showcase, Wow and Jaw breaking Photography, Closeup Photography and Rain Photography.

Today, I would like to share the very best of snow and winter photo around the world found in Flickr in 2009.

Hope you enjoy your Christmas too!

Share with us your Christmas Photos in comments or any interesting photos you found on the web.

Dancing Gulls – by dog ma


50 Most Interesting showcase of Lomography

Lomography is a new take on an old style of analogue photography. It’s solid and vivid in colors and with a ring black border in general. Here’s a hand-picked high quality lomography from various sources. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Best of Fashion Photography ~By Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih is a photography and director. Quentin Shih do shooting for clients like Adidas, Microsoft, Sony, Nokia, Redbull, Nestle DHL, Jeep and more more big names. Quentin Shih’s work also been exhibited Beijing, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.

Here’s a great collections of Fashion photography taken by Quentin Shih.

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Quentin Shih Photography | Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

Quentin Shih Photography | Fazai38's Inspirational Blog

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30 Wow Close-up Photography

Close-up Photography

Close-up photography provides unique opportunities to produce creative and dramatic photographs. This type of photography also referred to as macro or micro photography, directs you to new types of subject matter and situations requiring special techniques and perspective.

Here’s a collection of Close-up Photography from Flickr

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Share with us

If you think there’s a better Close-up Photograph out there, do share with me.

Drop me comments.


Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes ~by abakedcreation


Strawberry closeup ~by sunnyswede



Top 10 Rain Photography

Photography in the Rain?

Foto Friend has featured an article about 36 great photos featuring rain. Here’s my Top 10 from the list.

Before this, I’ve featured Edibles Photography ~By Linhy | Make the impossible become reality ~By Platinum FMD Brazil | Top 10 Carnival – The Big Picture ~By Boston | Beautiful High Speed Water Photography.

Have you try taking a photo in the rain? Comment and share with us.

First taste of Rain (by nancz on flickr)