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Top 10 Rain Photography

Photography in the Rain?

Foto Friend has featured an article about 36 great photos featuring rain. Here’s my Top 10 from the list.

Before this, I’ve featured Edibles Photography ~By Linhy | Make the impossible become reality ~By Platinum FMD Brazil | Top 10 Carnival – The Big Picture ~By Boston | Beautiful High Speed Water Photography.

Have you try taking a photo in the rain? Comment and share with us.

First taste of Rain (by nancz on flickr)

after the rain (by emiguez65 on flickr)

Максим Юлдашев

come in with the rain (by simplykatie.)

the rain’s prelude (by Felipe Morin on flickr)

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (by {Kimberly.Wood.Photogra phy} on flickr)

Nature of Rain and Light (by Garrett Pulkrabek on flickr)

Cycling through the rain (by on flickr)

rain (by Frans Peter Verheyen on flickr)

Rain I don’t mind (by *Kit Kat / kathie pn flickr)

via: Foto Friend


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