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Household: TETRICE ~by Martin Žampach


Ice cube maker
Make ice cubes and play TETRIS, that is fun for everyone 😉 Silicone ice tray.

About Martin Žampach
Martin Žampach is young talented designer from the Czech Republic. He has had experience in product design, web design, graphic design, furniture design, point of purchase etc. However, his main field of interest lies in product design and furniture. Other definite qualities are; a good sense for detail, the ability to work under deadline pressure and highly self-motivation in improvement of his own skills in various areas of design and beyond.

See more of Martin Žampach’s work here

Website: Martin Žampach – Personal Portfolio
Behance Network: Martin Žampach
Coroflot: Zampik

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  1. Latwanuia Latwanuia

    This is cool,I love the ice design,how creative this is!

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