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Technology: Concept Cell Phone NEED ~by TAMER KOSELI


Nowadays the cell phones are like multimedia gadgets they are far away from their basic aim,communication. for this reason i want to create a cell phone just for provide communication. no mp3 no video or camera etc.

The size of phone is width:2cm length:14cm depth:0.5 cm
The phone has 2 screen one is TOUCHSCREEN and the other is OLED.
When you slide the lock down firstly your battery and service information are seen on the screen and then if you continue to scroll this screen you can reach the menu phonebook or calls.

via: Yanko Design

See more of Tamer Koseli work here

Behance: Tamer Koseli
Website: Tamer Koseli
Flickr: Tamer Koseli
Deviantart: 7am3rk053l1

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