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Household: Toobe Floor Lamp, Donut Foot Rest & Colorful Wobble Glasses

Household: Toobe Floor Lamp ~by Ferruccio Laviani


Toobe is the first floor lamp for Kartell, a master key that completes the lamp family. Toobe by Ferruccio Laviani was conceived from the idea that the use of a PMMA extruded tube could, according to length, become either a floor or table lamp. Toobe is the first Kartell product to be “faded” to permit a special light to be diffused within the cylinder. The line is simple and modern. The handle in the lamp body makes the pole functional and easy to move.

As an architect and designer, Ferruccio Laviani works in the fields of furnishing and accessories, industrial communication, exhibition, event and show room installation. He has worked with a variety of companies worldwide. In 1992, the collaboration between Laviani and Foscarini began and it has continued since, with the research of new shapes and materials. His contemporary style is hallmarked by a particular sign or color.

Design Ferruccio Laviani, 2007.
Polycarbonate, dyed PMMA.
Made in Italy by Kartell.

Website: Hive Modern

Household: Donut Foot Rest in Bari Charcoal 360


* Available for order in two fabrics
* Removable cover
* Great for kids
* High-density polyurethane foam
* Made in Denmark


If any piece of furniture is fun, DONUT is. Soft to squeeze, enjoyable to use. The principle of DONUT is simple and its uses are many: playing, messing about on the floor, sitting, relaxing or as a decorative element in its own right. DONUT consists of three parts: a 32″ wheel with a 16″ hole in the middle accommodating two 16d x 6H high poufs.

Website: apt-ny

Household: Colorful Wobble Glasses ~by Monica Lubkowska Jonas

Cool Colors Wobble Glasses
Warm Colors Wobble Glasses

Add playful splashes of color to your table with these three-inch tall round-bottom glasses that gently wobble. Each set includes four glasses in a warm or cool color palette. Suitable for cocktails, liqueurs, and desserts. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Website: MoMA Store

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