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My Love: 11 The Beautiful Game ~by GRO Design & Tim Modelmakers


’11’ The Beautiful Game is a collaboration of two companies – GRO design and Tim modelmakers – each contributing their world-class specialist skills to this showcase project. Exhibited during the Milan Design Week 2008, 16th – 21st April, Via Forcella 8, Milan, Italy




Table football is a game that is close to our hearts, holding cherished memories of our childhood and youth. Its popularity also reflects the passion and love that millions of people around the world share for ‘the beautiful game’ of football.



GRO Design & Tim Modelmakers were interested in creating atmosphere through form, colour, material and subtle use of light, bringing a heightened sense of drama and excitement to the game. The table’s flowing lines express the dynamic aspect of football, while reducing unnecessary detail to allow the raw energy of the game to come to the fore.

Website: 11 The Beautiful Game
Photography by: Jorma Muijtjens

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